• D&D developed a new concept; Re-locatable temporary houses/villas. our newly launched " a twin villa within 4 days" concept has been promoted. For more information please contacts us.
  • D&D team visited VAN region in east part of Turkey to find out the need of earthquake victims on 3-7 November , 2011.
  • Light House Assocation (LHA) has erected "A village in A day" in VAN which concern 150 houses, 2011

> Suply/Service

Turnkey Military Camps, Labor Camps, Refugee Camps D&D FRB is providing turnkey solutions for all kind of camps including all facilities and rehabilitation units. Regarding to the site conditions, we are optimizing the best solution for the customer needs. The fastest response to build the site accommodations and facilities are our key futures.

a. Design/ engineering D&D-FRB Project team is ready to help you within the main concept for a new design. Please contact us (info@dnd-frb.com) to discuss how we can help plan your new building projects

b. CONSULTING SERVICES To help you determine what type of shelter will best suit your application, we offer consulting services. Our design engineers can do a site survey at your location and make recommendations regarding design, materials and configuration. We'll take into account your specific application, budget and timeframe. One of the main benefits of our portable building is the ability to customize every aspect. We'll work with you to develop an optimum solution to your shelter needs. Contact us (info@dnd-frb.com) to discuss your project. The modest charge for this service will be credited to your purchase.

c. Accessories D&D-FRB offers variety of accessories like a portable table, portable beds portable chairs. Accessories can be modified according to the clients needs.

d. Rental: D&D-FRB offers a rental system for its products. Please contact us for details (info@dnd-frb.com)

e. INSTALLATION We offer 3 Installation options: * Self Installation - Customer installs the shelter with detailed instructions provided by D&D. No special skills are required. All welding, drilling, and other manufacturing steps are done at the factory. The building components are packaged with codes and numbers for easy installation, and utilize bolted connections.

* Tech Rep Service – D&D will provide an experienced installer who will guide the customer's crew in the shelter erection. This service typically accelerates the installation process, while ensuring the proper tensioning of the cover.

* Turnkey Installation – D&D will provide a crew and equipment to install your building from start to finish.

D&D stands behind its buildings and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the exact building solution you need.