• D&D developed a new concept; Re-locatable temporary houses/villas. our newly launched " a twin villa within 4 days" concept has been promoted. For more information please contacts us.
  • D&D team visited VAN region in east part of Turkey to find out the need of earthquake victims on 3-7 November , 2011.
  • Light House Assocation (LHA) has erected "A village in A day" in VAN which concern 150 houses, 2011

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D&D-FRB Inc is a worldwide leading of prefabricated fast response buildings, dedicated to helping bring safe, secure and comfortable accommodation and fully integrated social infrastructure in the simplest fastest and most economic way possible. We do this ensuring the least environmental impact.

D&D-FRB has been a leading producer of pre-fabricated buildings to the market since its founding in 2005. The capability, knowledge, experience and expertise to manufacture and supply prefabricated solutions and full turn-key operations, in respect of production schedules with attention to detail makes D&D a world leader in its marketplace.

Servicing areas as divers as Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Relief, Education, Health, Military and Governmental sectors, Construction, Exploration, and Client Rapid Response needs.

D&D has gained a reputation on Design, Production, Supply and Installation of structures to clients and customers in Global Markets.

D&D provides a complete and professional service, ranging from custom designed and built buildings, to standardized modular structures.

Buildings can be delivered to any location in either a "Knocked Down" flat packed format or in a panelized format, thereby reducing volumetric transportation volumes and ensuring that client requirements are met within the allocated budgets.