• D&D developed a new concept; Re-locatable temporary houses/villas. our newly launched " a twin villa within 4 days" concept has been promoted. For more information please contacts us.
  • D&D team visited VAN region in east part of Turkey to find out the need of earthquake victims on 3-7 November , 2011.
  • Light House Assocation (LHA) has erected "A village in A day" in VAN which concern 150 houses, 2011

> The Concept

The D&D concept is designed to simplify and speed up the response to an immediate need for safe, comfortable and secure accommodation for shelter, Military camps, NGO command infrastructure and hubs post disaster, worker accommodation, administration buildings, schools, medical centers, laboratories, training rooms, toilet and shower units, clean water units, safe and secure storage buildings, cold storage facilities, recreational facilities and many other uses.

D&D's rapidly deployable FRB’s (Fast Response Buildings) are only a part of the D&D-FRB offering. D&D-FRB partners with Best in Class companies in their specialist fields to offer a total, integrated community concept that includes clean water, power generation and sanitation. We call this concept;