• D&D developed a new concept; Re-locatable temporary houses/villas. our newly launched " a twin villa within 4 days" concept has been promoted. For more information please contacts us.
  • D&D team visited VAN region in east part of Turkey to find out the need of earthquake victims on 3-7 November , 2011.
  • Light House Assocation (LHA) has erected "A village in A day" in VAN which concern 150 houses, 2011

> Products > DRB - Disaster Response Buildings

When disaster strikes, performance and productivity can make enormous differences to the people whose lives have been disrupted or destroyed. With the right modular building system - and the right choice in portable building and mobile buildings vendor - your agency can ensure that they receive every advantage possible for effective and speedy recovery.

The FRB is the first response and emergency accommodation and facilities for victims and survivors of natural disasters, fire, flood, conflict, famine, etc. The units can be used by humanitarian aid agencies, governmental organizations and the local administrations to bring back the society to normal living conditions, a process that may take a very long time.

In such cases it is possible to build a DRB-house within 15 minutes with four people and it as also possible to build 250 houses in a 1000 man disaster village in only one day with 50 people Those multi-purpose units can be assembled on all kind of grounds including slopes within 15 minutes by 4 people without any special tools or materials. The Units meet the health, hygienic and living standards of EU. The flexibility of the D&D-FRB’s unit allows the houses to be used as temporary shelters, storage facilities, medical facilities, administration building for construction companies, classrooms, and shops in all weather conditions.

The units are modular and extendable, allowing setting up a camp or village with them. Our units can be manufactured or modified according to the clients needs and the territory/climate conditions D&D’s rapid response units are the only houses that can be stored in advance for requirements of the future tasks and disasters.