• D&D developed a new concept; Re-locatable temporary houses/villas. our newly launched " a twin villa within 4 days" concept has been promoted. For more information please contacts us.
  • D&D team visited VAN region in east part of Turkey to find out the need of earthquake victims on 3-7 November , 2011.
  • Light House Assocation (LHA) has erected "A village in A day" in VAN which concern 150 houses, 2011

> Products > FRB - Fast response Buildings

The D&D- FRB’s units can be used as field accommodation, man camp, check points, field storage site, field hospital, training room, repair shop, administration building communication center, secure easily re-deployable alternatives to tent, by Military, NGO’s, UN Peace keepers NATO and or Coalition Security Forces. These units can be fitted with NBC protection and be fitted with ballistic protection FRB is perfect for the concept of “carry your facilities with you” which mainly used by construction companies. Companies that is in civil work, in oil and gas exploration can use FRBs for accommodation, storage, administration maintenance facilities D&D-FRB's units are ideally suited for temporary accommodation, dressing rooms, office space, hospitality rooms for expo’s, eco tourism, concerts, festivals, fairs and religious gathering